Saturday, August 3, 2013

This Greenie Summer is heatin' up!!

Good afternoon Gumby's! President Darling here, writing from the Broadmoor castle 2 weeks before I move into my new home (being rehabbed as we speak)! As I write this it is a mere 90 degrees outside but good news, only feels like 100! No time for moving. Just sitting. But that's fine by me because guess what starts in a week? SAINTS SEASON. I got these little ladies in the mail today and I'm hardly able to contain the excitement:

I think I'm most excited for the Saints/Falcons opener.Those dirty birds be goin' DOWN! 

If you aren't watching football prediction specials or training camps you are probably enjoying the best weather in the country. New Orleans may be hot but it's perfect for Frisbee, soccer, and tanning outside. Look at some of these pics from Audubon right now!:

HUGE SWAN (That's a swan right?)

Back to the GSAPC though! We've been hard at work preppin' two events for y'all. The first is a Saints/TUlane celebration of sorts. August 16th is Ryan Griffin's possible hometown debut vs the Raiders. We're throwing a tailgate to celebrate. Get your tix and come join us!:

Even more excitedly we present to you our August 29th pregame festivities. We've partnered with the New Orleans Alumni Association to buy out the upstairs of Walk Ons Bistreaux. $30 and you get premium open bar beer/wine, the good stuff! Festivities are 5-7pm and tickets are already selling fast (and limited due to venue space). Go buy some today! (Link to register below the ad).:

That makes Tulane football only 26 days away! 

Want more info on our happenings and thinking about getting involved? Let us know! Email with the header 'More info please!' and we'll send you the deets. Also sign up for our once a month newsletter at this link to get all the great info. News letter

As always you can find us on twitter: GSAPC Tweet tweet
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OliveGreenandBlue! We love thee! Pledge we now our fealtytrue Where the trees are ever greenest, Where the skies are purest blue. Hear us now, O Tulane, hear us, As we proudly sing to thee! Take from us our hearts’ devotion, Thine we are and thine shall be!
Roll Wave!

PS. Word to the wise. Get your butts over to the Blind Pelican on St Charles. Buckets of beer for $10 and of course this!:

PPS. I totally stole this picture from Tulane's great organization- Tulane University Fan Relationship Management Center. But look how cool it is!:

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