Sunday, June 2, 2013

Checking in from NoLA!

Hey Green Wave Blogging Fans, Bored Students, and People Looking For!

I wanted to stretch out the new digs (ie the blogosphere) before hitting the hay tonight. 

I'll be spending the next four weeks spreading the word of GSAPC, Tulane, and New Orleans in Olla, LA while completing a Rural Medicine Elective through TUSOM. Olla is in La Salle Parish, which is considered Northern Louisiana (get it, NoLA!).

This is the guideline packet that we received for my program:

This is the guideline program now:

Roll Wave, 

Secretary Alex

P.S. The Official GSAPC Title of Sexretary cannot be used on a public forum. We're trying to remain dignified and what not.

P.P.S. Shoot! Secretary fail.

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