Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hey fellow Gumbys and Green Wave fans!

Jeff here with the first letter from the President. I'm writing to you while hunkered down in my Broadmoor home hiding from the summer shower flooding people's cars outside. Second floor apartment for the win mirite? Locked in the house is a good thing today though as it gives me time to sit and relax and get to this inaugural blog post. Here we go!

It has been quite a busy month for us at the Gumby Social Aid & Pleasure Club! We have had our founders meeting, a launch party, a trip to the northshore for an Eric Lindell concert, a trip to Tiger Country (smelled like corn dogs and dead fish) for Bayou Country Super Fest, and our first pub crawl (to celebrate member Asyl Nachabe's birthday). Here are some pictures from the events!:

Here are the founding members of GSAPC! From left to right-
Pat Baldwin, Eric Peterson, Lynne Firmin, John Scimeca, Alex Bernadett, Jeff Darling (thats me)

We made a trip over to Mobile, Alabama to see John and tell him about the epicness that was the Dalai Lama. What a great speaker! Way to go Tulane! And to think, poor Loyola only got Tim Brokaw, who had the nerve to throw a jab at us during his speech. Haters gonna hate, mirite? Anyway we went to Mobile and drew up our founding father document (to be revealed at a later date, La Constituzione). And to celebrate we hopped along with the Krewe de something or other as they crawled from bar to bar. I forget the Krewe name but Mobile gras is fake anyway!

We did meet this lady though who was doing the Hullabaloo when she heard about our founding.

But who cares about Mobile? 

Homesick we returned to NOLA and threw one helluva launch party. 40 Greenwave fans, Tulane employees, Roberts regulars, and Sarah the bartendress, gathered to throw one helluva hullabaloo party. Pool/Pingpong/Abita/more Abita.... did I say we had a lot of Abita? A good time was had. No other pics! I might run for the other President one day...

Here is a pic from our first GSAPC Pub Crawl, costumes required

Happy birthday Asyl! One of our members celebrated her birthday so naturally we all dawned costumes and invaded Magazine, Roberts, Mayfair, Prytania, Snakes, and any other bar that would take us. The theme was pick your own theme and that turned into outer space, dress as your best friend, bar whench, Irish, and what not. We live in Nawlins, no questions were asked. 

Here we have BCSF, aka that country thing in enemy territory
Some of us stayed outside and tailgated while the other 15 went in and enjoyed the country. The whole time our Tulane flag flew freely and there was not a thing those Tiger fans could say about it.

Our most recent outing was a trip to Mandeville for an Eric Lindell show. 

The northshore? When and why do you think we ventured there? Well good music, libations, and visiting the Sunseri crew. Hannah Sunseri hosted an event at her casa in Mandeville and showed the rest of us GSAPC'ers how them northerners do it. We did notice a suspiciously low number of roaches outside. Mandeville is a strange place... but Eric Lindell was awesome! As was Ruby's Roadhouse, a Mandeville classic and Tulane lovin' place. Check out this sign!: 


Needless to say, a lot of fun has been had so far! 
But remember, not everything about the GSAPC is pleasure. Sometimes we work in that social aid! Here is a project we're considering for Tulane Outreach, August 30th:

This is a paint picture of a Tulane mural on I-10 near the prison. In 1998 our football team went undefeated (roll wave) and in honor of that achievement this baby was put up! Sadly, like our football team's records as of late, this piece of artwork has seen hard times. We're thinking of rehabbing it and fixing her up! Let us know if you want to get involved. 


We have a lot planned coming up. June's Monday meeting is over with but the events are building up! We've decided to officially make our meetings open to the public and GSAPC followers every 1st Monday night of each month at Roberts, 7 pm. We'll have speakers, music, and libations. Additional events in the works:

July 1st, Monday, a going away countdown party for Scotty C. at (where else) Robert's.
July 4th, Thursday, a trip to Baton Rouge for the USS Kidd fireworks display. Rides available. Fireworks, food, tailgating, frisbee, football. Last year we made the Advocate!
August 16th, Friday, Ryan Griffin debut with Saints game, buying tickets!
August 24th, Saturday, a pub crawl raffle fundraiser to gear us up for football season.
August 29th, Thursday, our first home game of the season vs. Jackson State arrives (Yeehaw and thank the lord!  What a dismal off season)
August 31st, Saturday, Tulane Outreach. Regardless as to if we do the mural or not you betcha that GSAPC will be in full force lending that social aid.


In addition to all the events we've been having, our techies have been hard at work getting our website (launch date still TBD) and logos up and running! We've got some GSAPC logos. Here they are in all their glory-

To close, I want to say how humbled and thrilled I am with the outreach and support from the Tulane community so far. More people have called/emailed/tweeted/texted me about this in support of the GSAPC and Tulane than I already would've ever thunk. Its been an awesome ride that we hope to keep growing! We started this club to bridge a gap between new alumni and older networking/booster groups and its already turned into so much more. Thank you for the support and more importantly if you're thinking about joining, get off your butt and do it!

Make sure and follow us on twitter @gumbysapc, on facebook at, and on this blogspot. If you want to join our news letter send us an email at with Newsletter sign up in the subject line. Dues, t shirts, coozies, and more swag are in the works so stay tuned!

I have to go move my car, its raining cats n tigers outside!

Your President,
Jeff Darling '11

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