Thursday, September 5, 2013


JDar here with another celebratory blog post. In fact this blog is chock full of celebrations! We're celebrating an undefeated Tulane, the return of Saints/Tulane football, a 4-0 start for our volleyball team, my start as a PhD candidate at Tulane, the stadium being in full swing, and a great GSAPC event at WalkOn's. Let's break it down!!

Last week the Tulane football team kicked off it's first game of the season vs. the Jackson State Tigers. We threw a celebratory pregaming party at The Roux House, WalkOns. Last count showed all 85 wristbands had sold! Roughly 85 GSAPC'ers, Young Alum, athletics staff, and friends/family gathered at the bar to throw back and have a helluva good time. Food and wine runneth over! So much in fact that this is the only picture to make it out of the event!:

These stragglers are all dues paying members of the GSAPC. Want to join them? This Homecoming we'll be taking dues for the rest of the 2013-2014 campaign. Email us at for more information on dues and membership.

Looks like Gumby is 1-0 in the opponent on a fleur de lis spike run! Next victim is of the cat variety still as we take on the University of South Alabama Jaguars. 
Hope they receive the same fate and our beloved Tulane starts 2-0 for the first time since 2002 and the first back to back wins since 2009! We will be tailgating for the USA game on garage 5. Look for our signature blue tent. This time we'll have a banner and flags flying free. Gettin' fancy now ya heard? Tailgate is Saturday September 7th, 10am-2:15pm. See facebook event for details

Upcoming events for the GSAPC crew (No tailgates till homecoming! These away games are painful):

9-12-2013 we will be joining at Roberts Bar (see FB for confirmation closer to date) to watch Tulane bludgeon the bulldogs @ LaTech

9-21-2013 we will be joining at Casa Del Darling to watch Tulane crush the Syracuse Orange, @Syracuse.

9-28-2013 we will be joining at locale TBA (likely a Gumby volunteer's home) to pluck the ULM Warhawks! @ULM

10-05-2013 we will be joining on the roof of Garage 5 for Homecoming! Major details to come for this. GET READY. WE'RE ALREADY PUMPED.


Other celebratory news for me personally... started my PhD in Neuroscience at Tulane! Jesuit HS is undefeated! My fantasy football team is tied for first place! (well it is just starting so hard not be... but hey!). Lost 5 lbs of beer weight and riding my new Univega to school daily too, her name is Eunice for those wondering. 

Also the stadium is coming along nicely!:

Seat infrastructure!

2 cranes at work everyday 

Lights. Point em @ the Nimbys!!

More pics to come as the stadium continues it's historic rise!


Dat Dog had a great event for Devon Walker. Proceeds from the night went to support Devon. We chowed down till our guts nearly burst for the cause in supporting our fellow Tulanian. Here's some pics!:


Well I have science to go do. I'm sure I left a beaker boiling or a critter running around somewhere to go take care of. I'll leave you with pics from our big Tulane win over JSU and a video of the highlights below. 34-7!!!!


Tulane Bringin' The Pain

Proud mom n dad

Sick em!

QB Montana


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Roll Wave! JD OUT. 
A One, A Two, A Helluva Hullabaloo
A Hullabaloo Ray Ray
A Hullabaloo Ray Ray
Hooray-Hooray Vars Vars Tee Ay
Tee Ay, Tee Ay Vars Vars Tee Ay

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