Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trick Or Treat Y'all!

Tulane is 5-2! No kiddin'! We mean it! They've been treating us to the best football since 2004, when we last won 5 games. Even better is we still have 5 to go! We're smellin' bowl game y'all... 1 win away! What will it be? Liberty Bowl? NOLA bowl? Hawaii bowl? The possibilities are limitless! We'll be going regardless so save your pennies.

First and foremost welcome the following dues paying members to the club!-
Jane Ball Class '13
Michael Cox Class '13
Libby Creim Class '13/14
Krystal Pennuto Class '11

Dues are $25 for the year. Benefits include tailgating for every major sport, access to our events (pub crawls/gatherings/boils), T-Shirts, website access, and swag out the wazoo. Roll Wave! Email us at for more information on that!

Here is a update to all GSAPC events come and gone and a look ahead to the future:



It was a busy homecoming this year. Tulane brought home a nice win over the talented University of North Texas Mean Green. We plucked the Eagles! The GSAPC tailgate welcomed over 50+ people and hosted visiting/travelling fans from the following states:

New York
New Jersey

They weren't disappointed as the wave turned it out 24-21. Here's some pics!:

A photo collage for our Gumby in the army. Hooah!

Gumby member Avi Hahn's little sister Mara wins Homecoming Queen! Roll Wave!

President JDar celebrates a birthday with this behind the back upside down shot. It went in!

Not pictured: 50 young Tulane fans going nuts. We're keepin' it classy here!

Here's some pics from the game/other tailgates:

Tulane hosts a homecoming carnival!

Greenie Gals shake that booty at the victory tailgate

Two winners right there!

Video Hightlights-

ECU- (Pics stolen shamelessly from Tulane webpage)
The Wave wasn't finished though! They turned it up the very next week vs. ECU! In what has been called the biggest Tulane win in a decade, Tulane tore it up and beat ECU in triple OT 36-33. Any older fans sure had a heart attack or 4 as Devin Powell rep'd Tulane well for an injured Nick Montana. Tulane fans are sure to come out of the woodworks after this big W!

Always a great tribute!

All they do is win win win no matter what!

Video highlights- 

CuJo gave the team a week off... which meant weights and film this week. A good thing! Our players are banged up and needed this rest time for midterms and health recuperation. We move on to take on the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. The Green Wave hasn't beaten Tulsa since 1968 and they avg 20+ pt wins over us. Time to change dat!

The GSAPC will be throwing a helluva hullabaloo costume theme tailgate, so come dressed to impress. Handle of liquor to the costume most celebratory of the season of winning. Here's a link to the event on Facebook: 

Nuff said.

Scott Cowen promised to stop by the tailgate so make sure you're dressed to impress! And liquored up to tell him how you really feel....


Merch. updates:

Take a loot at these babies with logo and motto on the back! Let us know what ya think! Comes free with dues membership and $15 to waffling fans who've yet to pony up!

We likey?


ROAD TRIP YALL! Contact us for details if you want to ride along and join us for our trip to Austin/San Antonio. See flier for details:

Future events:
10/26 Tulane vs Tulsa tailgate (costume it up or come as ye be)
11/9 Tulane vs UTSA (we're road trippin yall!)
11/23 Tulane vs UTEP tailgate 

Look what we found in a local bakery:
State of Tulane baby!

Want more info on our happenings and thinking about getting involved? Let us know! Email with the header 'More info please!' and we'll send you the deets. Also sign up for our once a month newsletter at this link to get all the great info. News letter

As always you can find us on twitter: GSAPC Tweet tweet
And on facebook: Like us!

Roll Wave! JD OUT. 
A One, A Two, A Helluva Hullabaloo
A Hullabaloo Ray Ray
A Hullabaloo Ray Ray
Hooray-Hooray Vars Vars Tee Ay
Tee Ay, Tee Ay Vars Vars Tee Ay

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