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Summer Time and the Livin’s Easy. And Sticky. And T-Minus Less Than Two Months to Yulman!

Hello dedicated GSAPC followers and Tulane fans all of shapes, sizes, and statehoods! 

GSAPC Secretary Alex Bernadett here.

 Summer Updates!!!

1) The GSAPC Running of the Bulls Krewe represented themselves admirably during the Pamplona Meets NOLA Festivities of July 12th. Bruised behinds1, sweat/sangria stained threads, and empty bottles of wine were our trophies at the end of the run. Muy bueno, GSAPCèrs!

The early gathering of GSAPCers, RotB 7/12/2014
New Orleans brings its A game for San Fermin
GSAPC Members celebrating a successful RotB
2) GSAPC’s World Cup Finals Watch Party in the Riverbend was a smashing success! Mother Nature’s attempts to derail the day were for naught, as four GSAPC members made it to the 10am Camellia Grill Sunday Brunch just before this happened...
Hampson and S. Carrollton on World Cup Final Sunday
Water flowing out of the "drain" outside of Camellia Grill
President Darling, NY Rep Tim Lindsay, and yours truly made it over to Cooter Brown’s at 10:58am (2 minutes before CB's opened) to secure a front row table for 15 to watch GERM vs. ARG. A spectacular krewe of Tulane/fùtbol fans joined us to catch a fantastic match. 

Disclaimer: Photoshop was used liberally and often in the making of this promotion
Ze Tabelle de Futbol gets ready for the final WC match
Candid Camera of (L to R) Bryan Fate, Tim Lindsay, and Jeff Darling.
Yep, that's Jeff's candid face.

Gumby members are innovating at breakneck speeds! 

What you should expect in the coming months:

     1) GSAPCer Hannah Walker is starting up a GUMBY Running Club! Follow this FB Page for more details.
     2) Expect to see some GSAPC Ultimate Frisbee Fundays this coming fall2!

     3) GSAPCer and GAPSA President Danny Sullivan is working overtime to secure a prime keg location for grads and professional students in Yulman Stadium3!

     4) GSAPCer Libby Creim is using her skills in design and getting-stuff-done to help put together GSAPC t-shirts and other paraphernalia for the upcoming school year!

     5) Speaking of upcoming school year.... 

     6) LESS THAN TWO MONTHS UNTIL YULMAN STADIUM OPENS!!!!!! More details about GSAPC’s events for the GT Yellow Jackets vs. TU Green Wave September Sixth Showdown to come5!

It's nearly fully operational!
GoPro Drone holding down Yulman during turf laying!
Beautiful aerial photo supplied by Scott Cowen's Invisible Helicopter 

That concludes the brief, but hopefully informative, Summer Updates!!!

Read on for updates on Members of the GSAPC Wave Council

I trust you are enjoying your summer months as much as the fine folks of the GSAPC Wave Council. Here’s a quick update on the life and times of your Founding Gumbies:

--> GSAPC Prez Jeff Darling is continuing his life as a PhD-candidate Neuroscientist this summer, working like a boss during the week and living like a boss on the weekends. He made time to take a trip back to Grand Ol’ Idaho and Minnesota to reconnect with his family and potato-based roots6.
Idaho's Natural Disaster

Flying Pie: If you don't know, you ain't from Idaho.

Luke and Jason continue their quest for Lynne's affection at BCSF

--> GSAPC Brains-Behind-The-Operation Lynne Firmin has also found time to take a few road trips during the Pelicans offseason7 . In addition to heading west for the annual Lynch Family Reunion in Wine Country, California in June and hitting up Bayou Country Superfest over Memorial Day Weekend, Lynne partook in an incredibly enviable trip across the Southeast USA with comrade Will Thompson. Needless to say, the resulting Facebook Photo Albums have been jaw-drop-to-the-floor awesome.
Proud GSAPCers/'Mericans in the Smokey Mountains
Family Photo: Hella Cali Style
--> GSAPC Veep John Scimeca received his Master of Education degree from Notre Dame, got engaged8, and will be moving to South America in the coming months to teach English to kids who can’t read good and want to learn to do other stuff good too9.

TU Class of 2012 & ND Class of 2014 Grads Evan, Derrick, and Rusty
Master Educator Scimeca with his proud siblings.
Big Golden Thingy seen in the background.
"And wuv, tru wuv, will fowo you foweva."
--> GSAPC Token Really, Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking Man10 Eric Peterson has been working up a storm in Washington D.C. as a State Policy Analyst for Americans For Prosperity11. In his free time, he may or may not have secured a role in the third season of House of Cards12.
House of Cards: Season 3, Introducing:
Eric Peterson, the innocent young man appointed to fill a vacancy in the US Senate.
His innovative plans promptly collide with political corruption, but he doesn't back down13
--> GSAPC Secretary Alex Bernadett has jumped into his third year of medical school at Tulane and has continued to expand the ways in which he broadens his education outside of the classroom14. He has found his old Hawaiian t-shirts15 to be both fashionable and weather appropriate for the NOLA Summer.
A Beauty, Beast, Beauty Sandwich.
L to R: GSAPCers Libby, Alex, and Asyl.

--> GSAPC Treasurer Pat Baldwin has been living it up in Alabama, learning everything about everything at the Harrison School of Pharmacy16, and attending MLB games when the opportunity presents itself.

Pat takes in "America's two great past times, baseball and air conditioning"
There’s so much more to say, but I see Mother Nature is cooking up another NOLA-styled Summer Thunderstorm (i.e. extra flavorful rain with a dash of lightning and a dollop of flooded streets17). Besides, I should leave it to my fellow Wave Council Members to give you actual, horrible-jokes-free GSAPC Blog Updates.

I leave you with a quote from Tulane's former hero/current arch rival/Darth Vader equivalent, Alton Ochsner:
"Early to bed, early to rise, work hard, and publicize."

For the Olive & Blue,

Alex Bernadett

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1: The NOLA Bulls show no mercy. Especially when they’re being cheered on by your friends to destroy your buttocks with a plastic bat.

2: Ultimate Frisbee: The Best Parts of Soccer, Teamwork, and Middle-Of-The-Day Drinking.

3: Did somebody say Party Perch?! Really though, what are those two corner spots called4?

4: They’re listened as “Fan Zone” under the Yulman Stadium Map. Wonder if we can secure a “GSAPC Memorial Corner”…

5: We’re gonna have some fun-tastic times this football season!

6: Or is it legumes?

7: #Asik

8: GSAPC-themed wedding?!?! Green tuxedos?! Yulman Stadium-shaped Groom’s Cake?! We hope so.

9: First, and certainly not the last, Zoolander reference.

10: Told you #9 wouldn't be the last Zoolander reference.

11: He’s got a business card now. It’s legit and very helpful for remembering his job title.

12: He would tell us, but then Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright may or may not destroy our careers.

13: Plot line promptly borrowed from Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. 

14: Translation: Finding new ways to procrastinate studying.

15: Months Working at Dat Dog: 2. Hawaiian T-shirts Acquired: 4. Knowing the Best Way To Dress a Guinness Dog: Priceless.

16: Proudly associated with Auburn University. #109.5yards

17: My 2002 Prius (aka California Chrome) isn’t built to withstand the “dollop of flooded streets” part. In the words of Stevie Wonder, gotta move her TIL I REACH THE HIGHER GROUND18!

18: Seriously, the roof of Mojo on Magazine is leaking.

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